No special reasons to join KRÜSS

This is the place where a company usually reveals its vision and invites you to become part of something big. But let us be honest: Working at KRÜSS, you do not change the world (though we help corporate groups to be more sustainable). You do not save lives (though we support people who do). Now that we think about it, to help optimize surfaces has a great effect in almost every area! So why not join our creative and supportive team of talented people and become part of something big?

Technology leadership

If the image of the lonely genius who creates something that changes the world all by himself has ever been true, it is surely not the way companies can be successful today. To be technology leaders with high-end products, we at KRÜSS gather a whole lot of people who have an amazing set of skills but combine them with the joy of communication.

If you like this idea of sharing your special know-how and celebrating success as an achievment of many, you may be the talented team player we are looking for – and we may be just the right company for you to thrive. Whether you are specialized in science, engineering, or software development, or completely different areas such as metal processing or accounting, we need your team spirit to do the long relay race from an idea to a product reaching our customers.


Imagine being at a party and someone asks: „So what’s your company do?” So you tell them about surface tension and wettability and you see them nod their heads and look towards the buffet. This can happen when you work as a specialist in a little-known field.

But more and more companies in all industries are realizing how important it is to know and change the properties of surfaces. We are growing because of this demand – and because we drive it. We are also growing in the course of our insourcing strategy which includes almost all divisions of the company in order to be independent and to ensure our high product quality. Together with you, we want to see the day when people at the party are responding: “How exciting!”


Claiming to be „diverse“ is like assuring that employees get paid: It’s a matter of course and pointing it out is somewhat suspicious. So let us ask you instead: When looking for talented team players, what sense would it make to narrow down the list of promising applicants with criteria other than competence? How could we not be diverse as an international company that maintains close contact with a broad target group? Diversity is not a company value we have written down but rather something our success depends on.